How We Work

Multilink Enterprises had formed to ease out manufacturers and importers finding difficulties in selling and purchasing quality medicines in market competitive rates with products delivered within lead time and multilink enterprises has reached the level of expertise that our clients definitely get competitive advantage in their business. We quote the best rates possible in the market including logistics, packing and other services.

Organizational Culture

Corporate Culture

We have incorporated a culture of conducive by constantly taking inputs from employees and tries to reflect their feedback in our decisions so that our first customer remain intact with organizational believes and values. Company has friendly atmosphere within the boundaries of maintained ethical decorum. We are working closely with human resource in order to develop and uplift leaders in their personal and professional capacities.

Customer Reach

We are currently supplying pharmaceuticals in approximately every African Country and partly available in South Asian Countries.

Managing Effective Supply Chain

Storage Facilities

Multilink Enterprises has acquired warehouses at three different locations in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Maneuverability of vehicles and workers is very much easy. These warehouses are connected with AI based ERP management systems where get to know before stock reaches the buffer levels.

Logistic Operations

We are destined to provide best quality products therefore we have maintained good relationships with all of our inbound, outbound suppliers and transporting companies. Multilink Enterprises have also arranged vehicles in collaboration with leading transporting firms specifically for pharmaceuticals to ensure smooth supply chain networks.

We have been the customer of major aircraft carriers from 26 years and have build very friendly collaborative relationships with major international airlines like: Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airline, Qatar Airways. These companies prefer our shipments over other airlines

Authorization of Government Bodies

Regulatory Compliance

Multilink Enterprises is registered with Ministry of health, Chamber of Commerce Industry Karachi, Ministry of Commerce & Trade, Pharmaceutical Exporters and Druggist Association. We have been registered with ministries from the very first day company came into existence. We abide by every government rule and regulation to serve you with best quality and service.

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